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The deadline for submission has been extended to April 28th due to real life issues going on the week before. Works must be uploaded by 11:59 PM UTC in a reasonably complete format. The archive will be closed briefly at that time in order for us to send out pinch hits. If you are concerned about the archive's stability, or about your own availability that Friday, we encourage you to upload early and edit in leisure. You can find unrevealed works you've already uploaded from your AO3 dashboard via the Statistics page, or via Works->Works In Collections. Questions can be left here or emailed to

May the 4th 2017 Archive
Challenge and Treat Tracker Spreadsheet

Please note that despite the date, this is not a prank or joke post.
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Requests spreadsheet combined with the different franchise info from the nom spreadsheet, for those who wish to treat by movie/show/book/comic/whatever:

(AO3 request summary:

1) I found and fixed at least one mistake: there's probably more. Drop a comment below if you find any.

2) The EU/NewDisney/games columns are checked off for characters who *only* appear in the EU/NewDisney/games. This is because pretty much all of the other characters appear in the EU, and checking them off would make the EU columns useless. This unfortunately means that some characters known more for being in the EU aren't checked off there: i.e. Thrawn is also in Rebels, so he's not checked off in the EU columns. It's a less than optimal solution. I'm open to suggestions on how to arrange this information here and on the noms spreadsheet more effectively next year.

3) Wookieepedia was the authority for whether or not a character shows up in something. I did not consider just a mention or showing up only in a photo or diary entry to be "appearing in."

4) There's no way we can set it up that will make everyone happy. If you find this doesn't work for you, feel free to copy the sheet and redo it in a way that does. If you'd like to share your version, drop it in a comment below.

ETA: My post title is vindicated: I managed to drop 30ish requests from the spreadsheet the first time. They're restored now. There's probably still errors in attribution, though; let me know if you see any.
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Reminder: AO3 has a known bug where not all tags will populate the sign-up field when you are signing up for an exchange. If you do not see a tag you think should be there, first check the tag set. You may have to copy and paste the tag into the field manually. If you have any problems, please email the mods at

Sign-up Form
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Less than a day left for nominations. Your mods have been working on a spreadsheet of nominations to make it a bit easier to see who's wanting what.

Each column is a different property/property group, like "Original Trilogy" or "Video and tabletop games". If a character appears in a property, it should have a Y in that column (shaded green for max visibility). You can sort the sheet by that Y to narrow your search to within each property.

It's probably got mistakes. A lot of them. And there's problems with deciding whether or not to put characters from the movies/animated series into the EU/Legends and other columns, because most of the characters from the movies/series show up in one form or another in the EU/Legends, which then makes attempting to sort by that column pointless. So right now the columns that refer to the non-movies/animations are reserved for characters that appear only in those properties, even though that complicates things for characters originating in the EU/Legends who have been pulled into Clone Wars/Rebels.

It now occurs to this mod that maybe a column for "Originated in the EU/Legends, now pulled into Disney canon" might have been useful, but it's not going to get put in this year.

Point out any egregious errors, please: none of the mods are familiar with all of the properties in the Star Wars megaverse and there's only so long you can look through the Appeared In section of Wookieepedia for 400+ characters without having your vision start fading and your brain short out.
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Two days left to nominate: tag set.

To address signup concerns in one place, the maximum number of offers and requests AO3 will allow for a signup form is 10 each. The way the signup form is currently set up, you may request up to ten things, and you may offer up to fifty. The magic begins when we all find out together if this kills the archive when we run the matching this year!
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Two requested parings involving 'Bane" disambiguated to "Darth Bane" as the partners seemed to be central to the Darth Bane storyline. If this isn't the Bane you requested, let us know and we'll fix it.
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EU/Legends character clarification time!

Those who nominated these relationships: are all of the Exile characters in the list below referring to Meetra Surik, The Jedi Exile?

Atris/Female Jedi Exile
Atris/The Jedi Exile
Bao-Dur/Female Jedi Exile
Bao-Dur/The Jedi Exile
Brianna | Handmaiden/Female Jedi Exile
Brianna | Handmaiden/The Jedi Exile
Female Jedi Exile/Visas Marr
Light Side Female Jedi Exile/Darth Sion
The Jedi Exile/Atton "Jaq" Rand
The Jedi Exile/Visas Marr

(In other news: is there anyone out there who's more familiar with the EU/Legends who's willing to help out?)
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Exciting new characters and canons! A combined main and treat archive! Mini challenges!


Jan 8 - 20: Nominations
Jan 21: Tag set clean-up and last minute discussion
Jan 22 - Feb 4: Sign ups
Feb 5 - Feb 8: Matching and assignments go out, requests go live
Apr 14: Early default deadline
Apr 28: Assignments due
Apr 29: Pinch hits go out
May 4: Works go live
May 8: Archive closes and creators revealed

May the 4th 2017 Archive

Full Tag Set | Tag Set Spreadsheet | Sign Up Form | Requests Summary | Dear Yoda Post | Initiate Trials Post | Letters Spreadsheet | Challenge and Treat Tracker Spreadsheet | Grab Bag Post

Contact the mods by replying to posts or by email:
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A big thank you to everyone who is going through the archive! Remember, creator reveals are at 11:59PM UTC tomorrow, May 8th. If you have yet to say thanks for your own gift, please do so before that time. Mods have bounty hunters on call and intend to hand them the names of people who don't.

Since this went so well, we're definitely interested in another round next year. We'd like to open things to Legends, Clone Wars, Rebels, and so on, but to do so, we'll need another mod who's familiar with the material. Think about if you might be interested.
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The outstanding pinch hits are due tonight by 11:59 UTC, a little over four hours from now. Please upload before then. We will be closing the main archive to additional works as soon as everyone has a gift.

If you completed your original assignment too late, or your pinch hit is finished after tonight, you can upload your work to the Treats collection and gift it to your recipient there. The Treats collection will remain open indefinitely, including after author reveals.
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We have almost all the assignments and pinch hits in! There are treats for nearly half the participants and that count keeps rising. We are still well on our way to opening at midnight UTC come the morning of May 4th. The Treats List updates frequently for those who are looking for someone to create a last-minute gift for. The Requests List may also be useful.

We have created a separate permanently anonymous Star Wars collection at AO3. If you've written something you'd prefer not to own under your regular name, you can add MayTheAnonBeWithYou as a secondary collection to your own work and that fic or pic will stay anonymous when we flip the switch on May 8th.
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There are a lot of great stories and some gorgeous art in the collection already. Unless you have one of the pinch hits, you've got two hours left to post, and a week and a half to edit. If your story or artwork is still in draft mode, it does not count as complete, so please hit the "Post" button asap. After the deadline, I will collate the defaults and list the remaining PHs here in one post.
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May Mod has been informed the schedule at work is changing. Friday at 11:59 UTC, your mod will be away from the computer because those Star Destroyers will not wash space bug guts off their own windows. May Mod needs a better job or a longer squeegee.

The deadline has been extended until Saturday, 6PM UTC, when the mods will be awake enough to flip the toggles required to run the defaulting sequence and send out pinch hits. Those already writing pinch hits, thank you, and you have until May 1st. Everyone else, please try to have something posted before Saturday and be sure you take it out of "Draft" status by hitting the "Post" button at the bottom of the Edit screen.

Your mods are not the Yuletide mods, and take a broad view of what's good enough for the deadline. Edit before reveals and no one will know but us that you misspelled "Luke" in the title of your story. Any hits you are accruing on posted stories are from us or from your own views. If that throws off your kudos:hits:comments:bookmarks:midichlorians ratio, delete and repost before reveals.
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Your fanworks are due April 23 at 6:59 PM UTC. What time is that for me? There are already a couple of treats in the subcollection. I've started a spreadsheet and will share it closer to the deadline.

Remember, the minimum is 500 words or 500 x 500 pixels. We don't mind unbetaed drafts posted as long as you get them into good shape before reveals on May 4th (12:01 AM UTC). Please don't upload 500 words of "pickles" or other obvious placeholders or you will be considered in default. Also make sure your work is not left in "draft" mode because AO3 will delete it after 30 days. One story draft has already been lost to the automatic clean-up and needs to be re-uploaded. You can check on your own works by going to your Works page and clicking "Works in Collections" to see what you've posted but not revealed yet.

If you have any questions, please reply to any post on the Dreamwidth community, or drop us an email at maythe4thmod @ gmail.
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Not remotely friendly reminder to post or unlock your Dear Yoda letters, especially those of you who included no prompts in your signups.
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Last day to sign up! Sign up form. We hit twenty-five signups, which means the Requests Summary is now visible. Don't forget to post a Dear Yoda letter!


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