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Exciting new characters and canons! A combined main and treat archive! Mini challenges!


Jan 8 - 20: Nominations
Jan 21: Tag set clean-up and last minute discussion
Jan 22 - Feb 4: Sign ups
Feb 5 - Feb 8: Matching and assignments go out, requests go live
Apr 14: Early default deadline
Apr 28: Assignments due
Apr 29: Pinch hits go out
May 4: Works go live
May 8: Archive closes and creators revealed

May the 4th 2017 Archive

Full Tag Set | Tag Set Spreadsheet | Sign Up Form | Requests Summary | Dear Yoda Post | Initiate Trials Post | Letters Spreadsheet | Challenge and Treat Tracker Spreadsheet | Grab Bag Post

Contact the mods by replying to posts or by email:


May. 8th, 2017 12:22 am
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Creator reveals!

Thank you all for participating! We had a great turnout this year!

For those of you who haven't had a chance yet to check out your gift and thank your creator, there's no time like the present. Check out your own Gifts tab at in case the AO3 announcement missed your inbox.

A few postmortem questions under the cut:
Read more... )

See you after The Last Jedi!
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A poll! The archive is scheduled for creator reveals tomorrow night at midnight UTC. Do you want reveals to be pushed back to have more time for anonymous perusal, or are you fine with keeping the original time?

Option A: Keep reveals at 00:01 UTC May 8th (~28 hours from now)
Option B: Add one more day of anonymity and reveal creators at 00:01 UTC May 9th
Option C: One full week of anonymity and reveal creators at 00:01 UTC May 11th

EDIT: Option A wins, the creator reveals will go on as scheduled in a little more than one hour from now.
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The collection is live! Remember to redate your works to May 4th! Read, look at pretty art, and say thanks to your creators. If you have any issues, please email us at and we'll see what we can do.

The archive will remain anonymous until 23:59 UTC on Sunday May 7th, or around 8PM EDT. Treats can be posted to the collection at any time.

Thanks to everyone who has made this happen! There's a lot of great stuff in the archive this year, and you guys put it there!
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Thank you, pinch hitters!

Treats and challenges are still going on! (If someone wanted to write Bail and Thrawn on a road trip together, we'd hit at least one thing on every challenge.)

The archive will open at 00:01 UTC on May the 4th, just over 24 hours from now. Countdown!) This is the time to make those last minute edits and tweaks, polish your author notes, double-check the spelling on Wookiee, or draw a last minute treat, because the world needs emoji Lando babysitting emoji Ben.
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Your assignments are now past due and we have defaulted all unfulfilled assignments. There are four three pinch hits in need of speedy hands! To claim, reply here with your AO3 name and which one you want. All comments are screened. Pinch hits are due by midnight UTC on May 2nd, twenty-four hours prior to the archive's opening.

Pinch Hit #3 ) Claimed!

Pinch Hit #4 ) Claimed!

Pinch Hit #5 ) Claimed!

Watch the progress on the Treats and Challenges spreadsheet!
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This is not a drill. Assignments are due by midnight UTC, Friday April 28th. Countdown! As a reminder, AO3's servers are notoriously robust. Post early if you can, and if you can't upload, please email your finished work to the mods at Due to the deadline extension, no further extensions will be given.

If you decide to default, doing so earlier gives us more time to find a pinch hitter. Someone defaulted today from last year's exchange rather than this year's, so be sure to pay attention to which assignment you're fulfilling or defaulting on.

PLEASE CHECK IF YOU LEFT YOUR WORK IN "DRAFT" FORM! Items in "Draft" status can't be viewed by the mods or anyone else, and at deadline you will be marked as defaulted! We have three works no one can see in the collection right now.

Check out the treats and challenges spreadsheet. We've already hit several challenge goals!

Questions? Comments? Panic? Reply here or send us an email, and we'll get back to you asap.
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Pinch hit behind the cut. Comment here to claim. All comments will be screened. Pinch hit will be due on April 28th at midnight UTC. CLAIMED! Thank you, pinch hitter!

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The no-penalty default deadline is midnight UTC, just a little over eleven hours from now. What does "no penalty" mean? It means you can participate again next year. We have also decided that early defaulters will stay on the treat list.

The deadline for posting is two weeks from today. Early posting avoids AO3 woes and makes our lives easier. If you do get up to the deadline and can't post for some reason, please send your completed work(s) to with identifying information and a short list of tags. We will mark you as completed and help you upload.
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The deadline for submission has been extended to April 28th due to real life issues going on the week before. Works must be uploaded by 11:59 PM UTC in a reasonably complete format. The archive will be closed briefly at that time in order for us to send out pinch hits. If you are concerned about the archive's stability, or about your own availability that Friday, we encourage you to upload early and edit in leisure. You can find unrevealed works you've already uploaded from your AO3 dashboard via the Statistics page, or via Works->Works In Collections. Questions can be left here or emailed to

May the 4th 2017 Archive
Challenge and Treat Tracker Spreadsheet

Please note that despite the date, this is not a prank or joke post.
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Claimed! Thank you, pinch hitter!

Pinch hit behind the cut. Comment here to claim. All comments will be screened.

PH #1: Original Trilogy, TFA, KOTOR, EU )
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Now that there are several works in the archive, I can post this: Challenge and Treat Tracker Spreadsheet. The first tab lists the progress we're making on the group challenges. We've already achieved one challenge!

The second tab is the tracker for who has gifts and who could use more treats for the treating-inclined. I'll be updating this sporadically as additional works are posted. If you post something and don't see it added to a challenge you're sure it helps fulfill, drop a note to with where you think it ought to go and we'll get it counted. Any comments or concerns with your assignment can be sent to the same address.

As a reminder, please be sure to check if your work was posted, or if it remains in "Draft" status. One Draft work has already vanished this year. Last year, one assignment had to go to pinch hits because the original gift stayed in Draft and was eaten by AO3 after one month.
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Requests spreadsheet combined with the different franchise info from the nom spreadsheet, for those who wish to treat by movie/show/book/comic/whatever:

(AO3 request summary:

1) I found and fixed at least one mistake: there's probably more. Drop a comment below if you find any.

2) The EU/NewDisney/games columns are checked off for characters who *only* appear in the EU/NewDisney/games. This is because pretty much all of the other characters appear in the EU, and checking them off would make the EU columns useless. This unfortunately means that some characters known more for being in the EU aren't checked off there: i.e. Thrawn is also in Rebels, so he's not checked off in the EU columns. It's a less than optimal solution. I'm open to suggestions on how to arrange this information here and on the noms spreadsheet more effectively next year.

3) Wookieepedia was the authority for whether or not a character shows up in something. I did not consider just a mention or showing up only in a photo or diary entry to be "appearing in."

4) There's no way we can set it up that will make everyone happy. If you find this doesn't work for you, feel free to copy the sheet and redo it in a way that does. If you'd like to share your version, drop it in a comment below.

ETA: My post title is vindicated: I managed to drop 30ish requests from the spreadsheet the first time. They're restored now. There's probably still errors in attribution, though; let me know if you see any.
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Assignments have just been sent out. Please look over yours carefully and confirm the assignment matches what you offered.

Your assignment is to create a story of no less than 500 words or a piece of art no smaller than 500 x 500 pixels on unlined paper based on one of your recipient's requests and abiding by their listed DNWs. Works are due before 23:59 Greenwich time on April 22, 2017. You may fulfill your assignment by going to your Assignments Page and clicking on the Fulfill button beneath your assignment. You may default the same way. The early default deadline is April 1st.

Tag your fanworks as you normally would. If you matched on "Character & None," you should only tag for the character's name. This year, extra treats may go into the main archive. Pinch hits will still be sent out for defaults, regardless of already-posted treats. Please tag all extra treats for other participants as "MayThe4th Treat."

All Requests
Post To Collection

If you have any questions or problems, please email
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Sign-ups close at midnight UTC tonight. What time is that for me? This is your last opportunity to edit your own sign-ups to include any optional details or DNWs.

Please take the time to double check you selected the right relationships! Some participants have accidentally requested Zeb&Chewbacca when they meant to request Cassian/Jyn. Some meant to request Luke/Leia and only found Luke&Leia in the autoselection for the field. You have approximately nine hours to fix things.
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Reminder: AO3 has a known bug where not all tags will populate the sign-up field when you are signing up for an exchange. If you do not see a tag you think should be there, first check the tag set. You may have to copy and paste the tag into the field manually. If you have any problems, please email the mods at

Sign-up Form
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Not all our nominations can fit on one form. Not everything we nominated is something we want to ask for. Not everything we ship or would want to see is something we want associated with our names, especially given the great trash compactor fire that Star Wars fandom can be.

We have a solution for these problems.Read more... )
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In the spirit of exchange festivities, we will set a number of challenges before you to help you achieve the next level of your training.

Challenges! )
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If you'd like to link your Dear Writer letters, please post the links in the comments to this post. We'll make a list of the posted letters for easy browsing. This year, treats may go into the main archive. We support and recommend re-dating all fills on May 4th in order to increase your work's visibility on Star Wars Day.

AO3 Name
Letter URL
Requesting Fic, Art or Either?
(optional but suggested) List of Requested Characters and Relationships

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Sign-ups are live: sign-up form. Sign-ups are live until February 4, 11:59PM UTC.

To sign up, you must request at least three relationships of the "/" or "&" variety, including "Character & None." You must offer at least four relationships, which do not have to be the same as you requested. You may request up to ten. You may offer up to ten, and include additional offers within the same line of those ten, with a maximum of fifty offers.

Please make sure your Do Not Wants are listed in your sign-up. You may edit your sign-up until Feb 4th. If you've got questions, ask.

There will be a post for Dear Yoda letters, and for additional challenges, as well as a surprise coming soon!

EDIT: Reminder that AO3 has a known bug where not all tags may appear in the drop down during sign-ups. When in doubt, copy and paste directly from the tag set.
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May Mod will close the nominations around an hour from now. Then your happy mods will dig through the tags, looking for the last duplicates and clarifications. Signups go live at 12:01 AM UST on the 22nd.

Get your last minute requests in for Millicent/Stabby the Droid and C-3PO/Phasma!


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