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Assignments and Notes

Assignments have just been sent out. Please look over yours carefully and confirm the assignment matches what you offered.

Your assignment is to create a story of no less than 500 words or a piece of art no smaller than 500 x 500 pixels on unlined paper based on one of your recipient's requests and abiding by their listed DNWs. Works are due before 23:59 Greenwich time on April 22, 2017. You may fulfill your assignment by going to your Assignments Page and clicking on the Fulfill button beneath your assignment. You may default the same way. The early default deadline is April 1st.

Tag your fanworks as you normally would. If you matched on "Character & None," you should only tag for the character's name. This year, extra treats may go into the main archive. Pinch hits will still be sent out for defaults, regardless of already-posted treats. Please tag all extra treats for other participants as "MayThe4th Treat."

All Requests
Post To Collection

If you have any questions or problems, please email
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Assignments have been sent out. Please read over your assignment carefully. If you have any issues, such as being assigned to create something you did not offer, please email the mods as soon as possible at Fanworks are due no later than midnight London time on April 22nd 6pm April 23 UTC. Early default date is April 1st. Both the main archive and the treat archive are now open for submissions. Pinch hits will be posted to this community.

EDIT: Assignments have a glitch. They will be regenerated and resent.

EDIT 2: New regeneration did not take a million hours and require the help of AO3 Support. The new assignments have been sent out. If you have a problem with the new one, email us. If you liked the old one, write them a treat.