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Exciting new characters and canons! A combined main and treat archive! Mini challenges!


Jan 8 - 20: Nominations
Jan 21: Tag set clean-up and last minute discussion
Jan 22 - Feb 4: Sign ups
Feb 5 - Feb 8: Matching and assignments go out, requests go live
Apr 14: Early default deadline
Apr 28: Assignments due
Apr 29: Pinch hits go out
May 4: Works go live
May 8: Archive closes and creators revealed

May the 4th 2017 Archive

Full Tag Set | Tag Set Spreadsheet | Sign Up Form | Requests Summary | Dear Yoda Post | Initiate Trials Post | Letters Spreadsheet | Challenge and Treat Tracker Spreadsheet | Grab Bag Post

Contact the mods by replying to posts or by email:
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Sign ups are open!

You must request at least three characters or relationships from the nominated tag set. You may request up to six of each. You will be matched on at least one of your requests. You can link your Dear Yoda letter in your signup if you want. (Placeholder letters are discouraged.) You must indicate if you want to receive fic or art, or if you're open to both.

To facilitate the matching process, you must offer at least four characters AND four relationships (& or /) in your signup. You must also indicate if you're offering to create fanfic or fanart, or if you are offering both.

You will be able to edit your signup from now until 12:01AM UTC on February 21st.

Handy links:

Sign Up Form
Sign Up Summary
Prompts Summary
Frequently Asked Questions
Letters Post
Letters Spreadsheet
Tag Set
Main Collection
Treat Collection


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