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May Mod will close the nominations around an hour from now. Then your happy mods will dig through the tags, looking for the last duplicates and clarifications. Signups go live at 12:01 AM UST on the 22nd.

Get your last minute requests in for Millicent/Stabby the Droid and C-3PO/Phasma!
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Less than a day left for nominations. Your mods have been working on a spreadsheet of nominations to make it a bit easier to see who's wanting what.

Each column is a different property/property group, like "Original Trilogy" or "Video and tabletop games". If a character appears in a property, it should have a Y in that column (shaded green for max visibility). You can sort the sheet by that Y to narrow your search to within each property.

It's probably got mistakes. A lot of them. And there's problems with deciding whether or not to put characters from the movies/animated series into the EU/Legends and other columns, because most of the characters from the movies/series show up in one form or another in the EU/Legends, which then makes attempting to sort by that column pointless. So right now the columns that refer to the non-movies/animations are reserved for characters that appear only in those properties, even though that complicates things for characters originating in the EU/Legends who have been pulled into Clone Wars/Rebels.

It now occurs to this mod that maybe a column for "Originated in the EU/Legends, now pulled into Disney canon" might have been useful, but it's not going to get put in this year.

Point out any egregious errors, please: none of the mods are familiar with all of the properties in the Star Wars megaverse and there's only so long you can look through the Appeared In section of Wookieepedia for 400+ characters without having your vision start fading and your brain short out.
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May the 4th 2017 Tag Set

The tag set is open for nominations! Nominations will be open from now until 11:59 PM UTC on January 20th.

We are doing things a little differently this year. All nominations and requests are in relationship mode, with the option for romantic (/) or platonic (&) relationship requests. Nominations and requests for single characters will be handled by a false relationship marker. For example, a nomination for Finn by himself should be listed as "Finn & None". During signups, that same tag should be requested. When posting a fill, Finn should be listed in the character field as you normally would.

Why? We want to keep the option available for requesting single characters and multiple characters together. Normally this would be handled by using single character nominations using AO3's AND matching algorithm but this gives participants the option of differing between "Luke & Leia" or "Luke/Leia" and other relationships while also allowing for single character gen requests. Last year's experiment with using both meant participants had to make many more offers than usual, and matching gave your mods a headache.

All named characters from all incarnations of Star Wars canon are welcome. Wookieepedia has the final say. You may nominate "[Character Name]/Original Character." We are not allowing crossover characters with non Star Wars fandoms at this time.

Questions? Ask in the comments, or send email to and we'll see what we can do to help.

We are still looking for another mod familiar with EU/Legends material.


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