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Creator reveals!

Thank you all for participating! We had a great turnout this year!

For those of you who haven't had a chance yet to check out your gift and thank your creator, there's no time like the present. Check out your own Gifts tab at in case the AO3 announcement missed your inbox.

A few postmortem questions under the cut:
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See you after The Last Jedi!
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The collection is live! Remember to redate your works to May 4th! Read, look at pretty art, and say thanks to your creators. If you have any issues, please email us at and we'll see what we can do.

The archive will remain anonymous until 23:59 UTC on Sunday May 7th, or around 8PM EDT. Treats can be posted to the collection at any time.

Thanks to everyone who has made this happen! There's a lot of great stuff in the archive this year, and you guys put it there!
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Thank you, pinch hitters!

Treats and challenges are still going on! (If someone wanted to write Bail and Thrawn on a road trip together, we'd hit at least one thing on every challenge.)

The archive will open at 00:01 UTC on May the 4th, just over 24 hours from now. Countdown!) This is the time to make those last minute edits and tweaks, polish your author notes, double-check the spelling on Wookiee, or draw a last minute treat, because the world needs emoji Lando babysitting emoji Ben.
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This is not a drill. Assignments are due by midnight UTC, Friday April 28th. Countdown! As a reminder, AO3's servers are notoriously robust. Post early if you can, and if you can't upload, please email your finished work to the mods at Due to the deadline extension, no further extensions will be given.

If you decide to default, doing so earlier gives us more time to find a pinch hitter. Someone defaulted today from last year's exchange rather than this year's, so be sure to pay attention to which assignment you're fulfilling or defaulting on.

PLEASE CHECK IF YOU LEFT YOUR WORK IN "DRAFT" FORM! Items in "Draft" status can't be viewed by the mods or anyone else, and at deadline you will be marked as defaulted! We have three works no one can see in the collection right now.

Check out the treats and challenges spreadsheet. We've already hit several challenge goals!

Questions? Comments? Panic? Reply here or send us an email, and we'll get back to you asap.
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The archive is open!

Go forth, read, enjoy, and leave a thank you for your creator. There are a ton of lovely works in the main collection and in the Treat Collection. The treat collection will remain open for more contributions from now until the next round. Author reveals will be 11:59PM on May 8th.

A big thank you to everyone who participated, especially our pinch hitters! I've been poking through the archive since it opened, and it's full of gems.

Don't forget to set the date of publication to today!
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Last day to sign up! Sign up form. We hit twenty-five signups, which means the Requests Summary is now visible. Don't forget to post a Dear Yoda letter!
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Sign ups are open!

You must request at least three characters or relationships from the nominated tag set. You may request up to six of each. You will be matched on at least one of your requests. You can link your Dear Yoda letter in your signup if you want. (Placeholder letters are discouraged.) You must indicate if you want to receive fic or art, or if you're open to both.

To facilitate the matching process, you must offer at least four characters AND four relationships (& or /) in your signup. You must also indicate if you're offering to create fanfic or fanart, or if you are offering both.

You will be able to edit your signup from now until 12:01AM UTC on February 21st.

Handy links:

Sign Up Form
Sign Up Summary
Prompts Summary
Frequently Asked Questions
Letters Post
Letters Spreadsheet
Tag Set
Main Collection
Treat Collection


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