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Now that there are several works in the archive, I can post this: Challenge and Treat Tracker Spreadsheet. The first tab lists the progress we're making on the group challenges. We've already achieved one challenge!

The second tab is the tracker for who has gifts and who could use more treats for the treating-inclined. I'll be updating this sporadically as additional works are posted. If you post something and don't see it added to a challenge you're sure it helps fulfill, drop a note to with where you think it ought to go and we'll get it counted. Any comments or concerns with your assignment can be sent to the same address.

As a reminder, please be sure to check if your work was posted, or if it remains in "Draft" status. One Draft work has already vanished this year. Last year, one assignment had to go to pinch hits because the original gift stayed in Draft and was eaten by AO3 after one month.


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