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Not all our nominations can fit on one form. Not everything we nominated is something we want to ask for. Not everything we ship or would want to see is something we want associated with our names, especially given the great trash compactor fire that Star Wars fandom can be.

We have a solution for these problems.

This post is for leaving prompts that you otherwise couldn't leave in your sign-up but still would like to see. As long as the relationship is in the tag set, you can ask for those relationships and characters here. You can use your AO3 username, a sock, or you can post anonymously. Prompts should be brief and include any hard DNWs. This is not a substitute for signing up. There is no guarantee any of your prompts will be filled.

To fill, do NOT reply to this post, and do NOT reply "claimed!" or similar. Upload fills as additional treats to the main archive, and they will be revealed on May 4 with the rest of the collection. You may gift the treats to the requester if they included their name. You may upload without a recipient if they did not. For all fills, please quote the specific prompt you are filling in the author notes, with a link if possible. The mods will reply here to the filled prompts at reveals to point towards the request fills. You may add the May The Anon Be With You permanently anonymous Star Wars collection to the Collections box if you wish to remain anonymous even after creator reveals.

When prompting and filling, please be respectful to your fellow fans. This is meant as a fun bonus and an opportunity to reach into the grab bag for some extra goodies. For some participants, the goodies will be intergenerational incest, or woobifying non-con with heavy H/C and healing [genital] to follow. For others, the goodies are a gen romp with Chewie and Zeb kicking ass and taking names, or Leia braiding Jyn's hair.
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